Last week’s blog shared information to help you clear up the coaching confusion and what makes for a good coach. This week, let’s talk about what you can expect from a coach.

GROWTH! With some aches and pains included!

Don’t let that statement scare you away from getting coaching. When we begin a physical training program we expect a few aches and pains. They serve as a sign that we are doing something new. So why wouldn’t we expect the same if we are working out our mental, emotional and intellectual muscles? As in any endeavor that can make you better, it will require us to do, see and believe things a bit differently.

Coaching Means Questions

Expect a lot of good questions! Coaching isn’t quite like having coffee or tea with your BFF and chatting about the weather, the neighbors or what the kids are up to lately. If it is, you need to get your money back!

Good coaching is a guided process that moves you forward in taking action toward your goals and encourages you to think, believe and do differently. That involves you answering a lot of in-depth questions. Yes, it may be uncomfortable at times, but it’s worth it!

Getting Clear

The key starting point for coaching is to get clear. You need to clearly identify what results or goals you want to reach. After defining those, spend some time on determining why you want those outcomes, and determine if they align with who you are and what you care about. Getting clear on your values, priorities and choices will create a firm foundation for you to build upon.

Without taking this step, your journey has no clear ending point, or even a route to take.

There’s an old cliché that says, “Without a map you will get everywhere and nowhere.” I am also reminded of the story of the mountain climber that, after overcoming innumerable obstacles to get to the summit, looked around only to find that he had climbed the wrong mountain. Getting clear on these details up front is the key starting point. I would hate to see you climb the wrong mountain.

Identifying Obstacles

Now that you are clear on what you desire to achieve, your coach will help you identify obstacles that might be in your way. Discovering what these are might surprise you. We often believe that external factors keep us from achieving our goals. Things such as an external societal force or some financial limiter.

The truth is that the biggest obstacle is most often your mindset. Yes, that thing between your ears. It’s the most cagey, subtle and ingenious obstacle around. What you think, how you think and the beliefs and conclusions you draw from those thoughts are the power center from which your behaviors, actions, and thus your results, are created.

So it goes to reason, if you change your thoughts, you can change your beliefs, your actions and your results.   So go ahead – change your mind!

Now that you are clear on where you are going, and are aware of your most challenging obstacles, you are now set to take thoughtful and inspired action to make your goals a reality. Good coaching programs will provide you with tools, systems, processes and techniques to continue to improve on your clarity and help you be aware of the impact of your mindset. They will also provide you with steps to help you progress toward your goals and dreams.

The value of having a set of tools, a system or a structure, allows you to consistently focus and take action, making your dreams and goals a reality.