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You are invited to be stronger, wiser and more resilient.  Not everyone accepts this invitation.

As a group of multi-industry, multi-functional leaders we share our lessons and experience to give you the tools to optimize your personal and professional lives.

It is our mission to mentor others on HOW to be fully engaged in their work and personal lives, whether you need to get clearer about what you are doing or where you want to be, need to make hard decisions, need a peer to bounce ideas off of OR are ready to take the next big step – our experts can help.

We haven’t met a challenge we couldn’t impact positively.

About Us

Mary Meston,

Founder and Managing Partner

As a thought leader in the HOW of getting things done, Mary can motivate individuals, teams, and companies to move forward faster. As the Managing Partner of M Powered Solutions Group, she draws on her network of collaborative and high performing industry influencers and leaders to support her clients.

She is an active organizational and change consultant  This work has led her to diverse and varied opportunities ranging from 1-1 executive coaching,  small and large-scale corporate change consulting work, and to team and market expansions opportunities around the globe. Many have come to know her as the “uber professional with authenticity and heart.

She is the author of CRYSTALIZE YOUR SUCCESS WITH THE DIAMOND METHOD™  in Road To Success with Jack Canfield.  

And the author of many articles on career, performance, change and personal development. She has created (and reaches out to) a collaborative network of professionals and experts that spans the globe and contributes to the lives of thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide. 

Mary is a Certified High-Performance Coach, Senior Professional in HR and OD, and a Best Selling Author.   When not working, Mary is a stepmother to 2, animal lover, active volunteer, and outdoor enthusiast.




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