The FREEDOM TOWER – it’s so impressive! I recently saw it in person. The late afternoon sun reflecting brightly off of the 110 stories of glass as the sun broke through the clouds really caught my attention. I nearly forgot that I was driving a very small rental car amongst a sea of fast moving trucks on the New Jersey Tollway. It not only captured my attention, but also my thoughts at the moment. What a metaphor for life, I thought! It’s also what my business strives to provide to entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals – FREEDOM.

Here I was in New York for a short but wonderful trip to speak in front of a great group of entrepreneurs and businessmen and women. My topic was, “Your Mind Set Matters.” It’s a play on words as well as intentions. I was received with open arms and inquiries about mindset. The attendees welcomed me warmly and shared many wonderful stories of their missions and passions in life. I spoke about how mindset (a positive one) is the key component to success and how each of us can leverage our mindset to reach our New Year’s goals.

Now, I was in the car on my way to the airport to head home. That’s when I noticed the Freedom Tower. It shined with brilliance and dominated the sky between the cloud formations. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could soar that high?” It was a shining example of what could be. It seemed to guide my thoughts and feelings, as well. I felt a deep sense of satisfaction, having just given of my experience, knowledge and mindset to help others to do the same. I felt fulfilled and free during that drive back to the airport. I felt I mattered and what I had shared mattered, as well.

We are all free to share, free to speak our minds, free to pursue our dreams, free to be and do anything we set our mind to do….

Many of us get “tunnel vision” in our quest to succeed. I know I do. After completing the daily and weekly “To-do Lists,” answering an endless stream of emails, messages, texts and phone calls (there are still a bunch of us that like “live” discussions), we are just able to stay ahead of the curve of incoming information. Each of us is trying to make sense of it all, put it to the best use possible and keep on our own path to success.

Tunnel vision comes when we don’t take the time to step aside from our plan and be in the moment when a new thought, idea or concept is trying to spring fourth and get our attention. We are free to receive any and all of the information, experience and magnificence that is available to us, yet we often stay on that tried (and well-worn) path we believe will take us to our promised success.

FREEDOM is the availability to do anything or be anyone. But how many of us actually leverage our ability to be FREE? If we are just getting by, sticking to that well-worn path, thinking success is just around that next corner, are we personally Free?

You can fully leverage the availability of freedom by doing one of more of the following suggestions.

  • Set a time each week to put aside all the technology that keeps becoming more and more demanding of our time. Even just 30 minutes is a good start.
  • Once a week, look at your plan for success and think outside of the box. Try a new approach, reframe a current approach or just try something new.
  • Each month, plan to take on or do something new or different on your path to success. Not only will you keep your mind challenged with new information, you may also find a great new tool that speeds your way to success.
  • Develop an accountability model. Seek the guidance of a mentor, strategist or coach to keep you accountable to “being free” and stepping aside of the tried and true for something new.

Find out how to soar as high as the Freedom Tower and get tips on finding your own personal freedom by visiting There you will find more great information and new ways of thinking. The 1 page productivity planner is a great way to get started.