Setting positive expectations every day is like taking a vitamin or mixing up a nondairy, protein-powered fruit smoothie with kale! It is a great practice if you do it on a regular basis.

When setting those clear and positive expectations, there are three areas on which you should focus that will positively impact your day!


Of all of the people in your life, it is most important for you to have positive expectations of yourself. After all, you actually have control over setting those (and fulfilling them too!). Remember that well used phrase, “You can’t control other people’s behavior, but you can control your own!”

Innumerable studies and articles show that those who get ahead in life have positive expectations for themselves. Successful CEO’s, leaders, athletes and parents focus on setting and fulfilling positive expectations of themselves on a daily basis.

Here are three common traits or thought patterns of the most successful and fulfilled people.

  • They believe in their ability to figure things outno matter what happens or what opportunity they chase after in life. Having the belief that you can succeed even in challenging times or when you haven’t all the information is freeing.
  • They understand there will be challenges along the path. Having the awareness that life is made up of ups and downs is not only realistic it is a great foundation from which to set goals.
  • They choose to stay resilient and continue taking steps forward. Highly successful people don’t give up on themselves or others. They also don’t expect life to be easy. They know that while today may not be the best, that taking positive actions and steps each day will result in great times, success and days ahead.

So, I just mentioned that we are unable to control other people’s behaviors.

With that being the case, we can still expect positive things of and from other people. Remember the old axiom, “People rise to the bar you set for them.” We know when raising children, for example, setting achievable expectations is a key to good parenting. So why not do the same with those around us and with whom we come into contact?

Moreover, having positive expectations of others will generate positive results. The study of Physics tells us that the bond that holds matter together is energy. Further, energy has vibrational levels: positive energy vibrates faster than negative energy. Higher energy levels can override and overtake lower energy levels. Leveraging the law of attraction, if you are vibrating at a faster positive energy and expect the same of another person, you will attract it.

In addition, be careful about what you allow near you. Because expectations are often self-fulfilling, and because we can be influenced by what is around us, avoid surrounding yourself with slow energy people or things such as negative news or activities.

Choose positive, meaningful and uplifting reading, news, movies and television programming so you expect, notice and create positivity. Ok, so that means you may need to give up some of those mind numbing but entrancing negative shows, but you will gain so much more!  

  • Surround yourself with positive, visionary, supportive, nurturing people. It is commonly known you become like those with whom you have a relationship – so because you have a choice – choose well. What type of people are in your closest circle of friends?
  • And for those of you that say, “I don’t know of any other positive people” – If you can’t find a positive group of people, create one! Gather a group of people around you and become the positive influence. It will catch on.

Setting longer term positive expectations will keep you focused on continual growth, development and the resulting enjoyment you get out of life. Rather than focus on those things that didn’t come to pass or that which you missed, carry forward a positive outlook for yourself.

  • Expect that you will grow healthier, wiser and more caring. Each day, make it a choice to act in a way that will enhance your health, wisdom and positive emotions. Remember, choose the positive.
  • Trust that positive things will come your way, that all things have meaning and purpose and that tomorrow will be another great day that will move you in the right direction. Believe that what you are experiencing today is happening because it is right for you in that moment and place. That belief is freeing. Believe!
  • Good things are coming. When it feels as if they might not remember that, “This too shall pass.” As mentioned earlier, have positive but realistic expectations about life. When you do so, you know to expect both good days and not so good days. Remember, there will be another sunrise tomorrow. How beautiful it will be!

Over time, what we expect to happen to us most often does. So expect good things from and for yourself, others, and from the world.  So, if you haven’t already determined what your take away is from this article, here it is: Make it positive!

Having a positive expectation and outlook will help you experience a meaningful and fulfilling life!