Last week, I shared with you the first of three blogs I wrote about the topic of SUCCESS. In that blog, I discussed how each of us expresses our true selves in our successes.

A key to every success, and individual to each of us, is how you express yourself. That ability to be more of who you are is part of what makes a “success” seem like a “success” to us. So are you expressing yourself in your work, avocation, volunteering or other activities you pursued this past week?

I certainly hope so. And if you are not, click here to have a quick call with me so we can figure out how we can get you fully expressing yourself. And, If you are reading this blog, you join the 10% of the population that is interested in self-awareness and focused on improving themselves, their lives and those you touch.

As mentioned in last week’s blog, my idea of success is helping others to find their successes – big and small. And that leads us right into the second key to understanding success – Contribution.


While self-expression is really about WHY you do what you do, the WHO you are and is an expression of your purpose or your calling. The second attribute in any success is making a contribution – the WHO you will influence or impact. We are part of the human race and though it may be getting harder to believe – due to the pervasiveness of technology – we live in community. We seek to have the companionship and support of others even it is as virtual as having a lot of Facebook friends or participating in that next teleseminar!

The type, size and impact of the contribution we desire to make ranges as broadly as the number of people on the planet. Some of the world’s leaders, CEO’s, thought leaders and activist chose to impact a broad spectrum of people and causes. For others, having a happy, well cared for and loving family is their fulfillment and their contribution

No matter what your contribution is – be it momentary or ongoing, large or small, personal or worldwide – all contribution is valuable. For something to be meaningful, influential and thus “successful” isn’t dependent on size, scope, breadth, popularity, or even if it is “trending”. Simply having a moment of positive impact on another, a simple smile while boarding public transportation, letting someone go ahead at the checkout counter or saving a nation – it all matters. And it all is success.

What each of us terms a “contribution” is very specific to each of us, with each and every contribution being of value. Think about any of the examples of success we have talked about – and each of those contain a desire to contribute to others? Creating a loving home, feeding the impoverished, working to find the cause of any number of illnesses, being the best customer service representative, or leading a work unit all provide and contribute to others. Even being your best YOU is your best way to contribute to others.

I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else. Seth Godin

Look at those items you feel have been your successes. Who did you contribute to? What was your contribution? The impact? In reviewing those successes and memories, don’t you feel a sense of gratitude, appreciation and joy for having made that contribution? I know when I review my “successes” I feel appreciation, gratitude, joy and happiness. And that leads us to the final key to understand “success”.

Come back next week for more on the third and final key to understanding your successes.

Until then, WHO can you CONTRIBUTE to this week? Go make a positive impact!