Welcome back to Part 3 of The 3 Keys to Understanding Success.

I hope you are finding the first two keys helpful and that you are growing in your understanding of SUCCESS.

Last week, in the 2nd key, the idea of contribution and how that relates to our feelings of “SUCCESS” was discussed. I defined contribution as the ability to be of service to others, to be of positive impact and to add value to another.

So who did you contribute to this past week? Your family, your friends, your community?

Where do you make your impact? Locally? Globally? On-line? At work? At home?

How did it make you feel? I bet it felt good to be doing something for someone else and focusing outside of yourself. And

And by now, I bet many of you have figured out the concept of SUCCESS isn’t necessarily a specific thing or event but rather the feelings and intangible satisfaction you feel and receive. Success is more than a plaque for your wall, the title on the door, or the number of likes on Facebook.

And that sense or feeling leads us right into the third and final key to understanding success – Joy and Happiness.

Joy and Happiness

This is where the third commonality or key to understanding “success” comes in. As you express more of yourself and contribute to others you find more joy and happiness. It is the alignment of the other two… when you are fully who you are, doing what means most and impacting others positively. That is where you find more overall fulfillment, joy and happiness. And isn’t that what each of us is really seeking?

On the surface, success can seem to be about making more money, getting a better title, being the best in your field, having the most friends and any other countless expressions of success. And at the core, it is really about something deeper, more meaningful and valuable to both ourselves and those you come in contact with.

At the core, each of you want to be joyful, happy and fulfilled. Right? When you peel back the layers, of the cloaks, masks, personas and self-protection you use to maintain or protect ourselves – you just want to be happy. Feeling at peace, calm and safe in this world – enjoying your journey through all that life has to offer. And as you feel that sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment you can impact those around you. You can serve others with your sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

You can feel that sense of completion at any and all moments. With a positive mindset, the awareness at the core of who you are, what you want to achieve and serving or contributing to others along the way – you have success.

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties. Helen Keller

Look at those items you feel have been your successes. Who did you contribute to? What was your contribution? The impact? How were you expressing your true self? In reviewing those successes and memories, feel the host of positive emotions again.

I know when you reflect on your past “successes” you will feel an overwhelming and fulfilling sense of appreciation, gratitude, joy and happiness.

Wishing you ongoing success.