Last week’s blog, Two Ways to go From Stuck to Unstuck, dealt with the topic of resistance masquerading as confusion and the tricks our minds play on us in order to keep us STUCK and prevent change. It emphasized that we need to surrender to these mind tricks, letting them play out, and then listen to our inner voice. Each of us has a wise and knowledgeable inner voice that knows the next step to take, regardless of how confused you may think you are.

Sounds simple, right? All you have to do is look inside. Your inner voice clears the confusion and you will know what your next step is, and be able to take it. It really can be that simple.

But for some, change still doesn’t come. What should you do if, despite the clarity, lack of confusion and clear next steps, you still don’t move into the change?

We have all heard the saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results?” We are creatures of habit: Habits of thought, habits of emotion and habits of behavior. Habits can be helpful. We don’t have to expend much energy thinking, doing or feeling something new or different. We know what to expect and that provides us with a sense of comfort and familiarity. Often, at least initially, we may not even realize that we have behavioral, emotional or mental default patterns that repeat over and over.

If you are feeling stuck, you may just be making a choice to make the same choice once again and to stay in the same place, with the same feelings, or emotions. Your choices become habits that support your current level of comfort and stability. However, that feeling of discomfort, restless, or unhappiness is your inner voice asking to be heard. It is indicating that it’s time to look at your daily choices to discover what needs to be changed.

The process of looking at your choices and patterns objectively takes a bit of discipline and knowledge. Because there is often more to what’s going on than what is easily seen, the support of a coach, counselor or unbiased good friend is key. There are probably other issues and choices (conscious and not so conscious) beneath the surface of your awareness which sustains your habit. While you don’t always require outside support, if you remain stuck after your best conscious choice to do differently, get outside assistance.

When you are able to step back and examine your habits and choices from a more objective place, you have the awareness and power to make a different choice, a choice that offers you a more elevated experience. A choice that lifts you out of the rut of feeling stuck. Even the Top 2% of high achievers, CEO’s, Olympic athletes and successful people reach out to others to get out of a rut. You can too!
There are useful tools and techniques that can assist you in developing the discipline of self-awareness and objective self-examination. By being open to objectively looking at your “rut” of choices that don’t serve you well, you can begin to see and change the habits that are keeping you stuck.

If you want to make a different choice, or your inner voice is creating some discomfort, you can reach out by calling 513-800-7233. Make a different choice and regain your power over the “rut” of habits.