I was invited tone a guest on the Social Monday podcast, “THE” podcast for Social Media Marketers.

Social Monday’s co-hosts, Bob Turner and Jason Goff, provide tips and information for small businesses about social media and online marketing.

In this interview, I provide some coaching tips and give advice for social media marketers who face professional challenges within their organizations.  A recent survey of 600 social media marketers uncovered their frustrations about not being a more integral part of their marketing teams.  Social media marketing is still relatively new, and many businesses have yet to embrace it fully.

The findings include feelings of not being heard and not getting the “Buy-in” needed in the workplace.  Social media professionals also feel stress over being in an ever-changing profession in an increasingly dynamic world of information and technology.

You can listen to the High Performance Coaching how-to tips and strategies I shared below. The strategies address how to handle feeling overwhelmed, frustration over not being heard and overcoming the sense of being a square peg in a round hole.  While these feelings are not entirely unique to social media marketing as a profession, the fact that remains that this profession is relatively new.  So we discuss how being in a cutting-edge, emergent role has its own challenges.

The advice I gave is not just for social media marketers, though.  It applies to any and all professions and professionals who feel stressed inside their organizations.

Listen to this episode of Social Monday below.  You can find the podcast here.